This is Arad Open Air Festival. CHECKIN.

It was about time to connect Western Romania to an incredible new music journey, in a spectacular place: Arad International Airport. We created an amazing setup where happiness and music have united their forces to entertain music lovers of all ages, in an outstanding three-days experience, Arad Open Air Festival.

We welcome you to CHECK-IN for happiness! By reconstructing the whole airport, we invite you to discover the happiness of listening to live music into a unique setup. 60 hours of pure musical joy and amazing view, built-up as a festival at the airport.

This is a one of a kind journey to the world of music, and we offer you the happiness to experience it! Happiness is a gift, a gesture, an emotion. Happiness is doing good, checking up on friends and family, telling somebody you love them. Because life is a dream. Happiness is the magic of a song that you’ve never heard, but you already know the lyrics to.

Whether you’re a fan of house or techno, bass or experimental, electro or EDM, mainstream or subculture, you’ll definitely find something from your playlists on our stages that will convince you to CHECKIN to a brand new festival in Romania: Arad Open Air Festival. Your own journey on the path of happiness will be to discover the next best thing while being able to enjoy your favorite artists, into an unexpected venue: a whole international airport. Be ready to really let loose. It’s mesmerizing! It’s the place to CHECK IN for another dimension, one dedicated to the lovers of music and flying.

Already on board: Nervo, Goran Bregovic, Fumiya Tanaka, Thomas Melchior, Maayan Nidam, Herodot, Vama, Addo Snazu, Lamache, Macarie, Herck, Somesan, Bread & Butter, Jonathan Band, Șuie Paparude, Subcarpați, OCS, Gojira & Planet H, Vița de Vie and many more.

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